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The story behind that
Post Hotel Weggis

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Opening 1883

1889 1st enlargement

1910 major extension and construction

 - now

The founders of the Post Hotel Weggis


Mrs Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman

In 1883, Andreas Zimmermann opened a small inn opposite the new Weggis steamship station.
It all started small at the ship station with seven guest rooms and bore the proud name "Hotel de la Poste".
The house was then continuously expanded and enlarged: in 1889 another floor was added, in 1902 a large hall, in 1908 the Weggiser Stübli was opened, in 1910  it then got a big extension and build-up. In 1928 there was a hotel bar with dancing. In 1957 the house underwent a major exterior renovation and in 1978 the property was finally sold. The buildings were then demolished and the new Post Hotel was built, with a casino, a row of shops, wellness facilities, a bar and restaurants.
However, the casino was closed in 2003 and from then on the Post Hotel started to be used only as a hotel.


The Weggiser Stubli

A historical unchanged stain since 1908
here in Weggis

The Casino at the Post Hotel

until 2003


After Mr. Zimmermann sold the Hotel de la Post, several people converted it into a casino. It already contained a wellness area and much more... but what was special was the casino, which suffered a robbery in 2002.

As a result, the casino was closed forever in 2003 because it was no longer licensed.

The Post Hotel Weggis today


Today the Post Hotel Weggis is a 4-star hotel with 45 rooms, a wonderful wellness area, a bar and 3 restaurants. We have a 24-hour reception, a few things have changed, but what has never changed is the atmosphere, which used to be popular and is still popular today, as well as the Weggiser Stübli, where you can see a lot of history in it. 

The hotel has a long history behind it, which is very traditional and special. Our hospitality and our love for the hotel also make the Post Hotel Weggis what it is.

We look forward to your stay here at the Post Hotel Weggis and look forward to sharing the story with you, but also to being able to continue writing the story with you. 

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